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Life is a Vapor

Life passes so quickly. The Bible says our life is just a vapor; it’s here for a little while and then vanishes away (James 4:14). But the Bible also says there is an eternity that we can be sure of after this short life on earth is finished. The New Testament book of John assures us that we can spend eternity with God, the Creator, through His Son Jesus Christ (John 3:16). 

If you have never given thought to the purpose behind your short life, we encourage you to do so. We do not ask you to simply pray a repeated prayer; we ask you to consider repenting of sin and truly following the Person of Christ who loves you enough to die for you. Ask any Vapor Thrift staff member how you can spend your eternal life in heaven with Him.

Spend it Well

Even when the question of eternal destiny is settled, it is our responsibility to live this short time on earth in a way that makes the greatest difference in light of eternity. We want to spend our short lives glorifying Christ in all nations by making disciples and demonstrating His compassion through sacrificially serving the poor. This includes using whatever resources we have been blessed with to help our fellow man. 

Vapor Thrift Store wants to help you spend money well by offering great deals and affordable prices. 

Vapor Thrift Store wants to help you spend time well by offering the opportunity to volunteer at a place that truly seeks to make a difference in the world. 

Vapor Thrift Store wants to help you spend treasure well by offering a place to practice good stewardship by donating extra items you may have to a great cause that helps others here and abroad.

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